Server Stream Event - FFA,1v1,4v4

Hello, my name is PoonGalore and I would like to invite you to my Live Stream Event

which I will be hosting on Sunday March 29th at 6PM Pacific. I’ve longed to see some sort of

organized competetive action on Rust for quite some time now and have decided it needed

to be done. I will be hosting it on a server I specifically set up for stream events. The events

would include FFA’s, 1v1’s and team based 4v4’s. All the info for the server will be below

along with the sign up form. Hope to see your wieners there!

Event Information

There will be Single type events and Team based events. Single type events will 

include FFA(Free For All) where 4-8 people go head to head against each other with 1 life

each, and 1v1 event where 2 people will be chosen at random to go head to head with 2 lives

each. Team type events will include several teams going against each other with one life

each IF enough teams sign up. Remember, you can sign up for all 3 events at once.

                                                      **Server Information**

Server Name: Available March 29th
Server IP: Available March 29th


No Spamming of mic while you are in game at the event, you will be warned once with a kick, then banned the second time.
Causing chaos in the waiting room will get you kicked, then banned.

                                                                     ** Sign Up Form (Singles)**

In Game Name:
Type of Event (FFA,1v1):

                                                                            **Team Sign Ups**

Team Name:
Leader Name:
Contact Email or Info:
Members Names:

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*More info will be posted at a later time, I wanna see what kind of activity this brings before I elaborate a bit more. You can find my channel on twitch at!