Server Sub Forum

Hey People,

I wanna advertise my Server but i dont find any subforum for it and i dont wanna get banned if i post it in wrong section.

Is this even allowed?

Ty for links and informations

mb this

I don’t think so this is for problems. Someone knows it? I don’t wanna break a rule. :confused:

it tends to be frowned upon if A) you join just to advertise, or B) you are particularly obnoxious about it. that said, i have seen a few do it on a regular basis without copping a ban. if in doubt, pm a mod like postal or craptasket and have a chat with them:)

When I tried to advertise my server they moved the thread here:

Everything for server advertising seems to have gone away or is outdated these days. Even TopRustServers still shows net.connect when you click on join.

I will pm a mod. And no I’m not here to advertise my server only. I write bug is found or suggestions to the devs directly on twitter. I’m not biggest fan of this forum. But maybe I will be in the future. :slight_smile:

Letz see

An advertisement section probably wouldn’t help you if the old one was any indication. Before it was removed it was a mish mash of multiple threads advertising the same server, threads claiming admin abuse and all matter of clutter preventing anything useful from happening.

there was a server forum before for such thigns, then they updated some stuff in the forums and the server forum still existed but wasnt linked anywhere. people complained, and were ignored. I dont knwo if that forum exists anymore or not I stopped trying to dig for it everytime.

that’s the DDT, the shitpost thread. they mustn’t have liked it;)