Server sudden lag spikes

Heres an example of what happens

And it does it all the time actually lag happens at least 8-16 times a day anyone know whats causing it its only been happening since the datapack was released and I have some crash dumps for you.

And when these lag spikes happen the cpu usage is high


CPU   In       Out       Uptime Users    FPS    Players
58.91 78423.72 108173.76 31     0        103.12 10

Whats the gamemode/slots/host ?

Hey what command did you use to display cpu suage, i forgot what it’s called.

rcon stats

Theres 2 problems I mainly see.

Your tickrate is too high and I don’t think perp is the most optimized gamemode.

Perp sucks btw. I just don’t know what else to use that can have what perp has :confused:

to many exploits and backdoors on the script


Host is and slots are 24.

Turn on -condump in commandline and put log on in the server.cfg as this will allow you to find problem easier.

Has no back doors. And the exploits are easy to fix FYI. I’m about quarter way done with finishing up security issues.

Tickrate 33 FYI.

I use xenonservers too and I have been recently getting lag-spikes. They ended up switching my server to another box and that seemed to fix it…

I don’t know how to fix the exploits.