Server Suggestion Please

Mods please move if I’m in the wrong area.

Ok, I played a French server, ages ago that had limited, and non craftable military grade stuff. With the exception of C4 being non craftable, I think they had it about right.

I NEED a long term home for Rust, I have played around 500 hrs now and am fed up of flitting around servers, for all the usual reasons.

Anyone suggest a new home for me please?

Im UK based, and play most nights and at the weekend, well up for a decent, small team effort.

Checkout The Beach - UK

HI Xland,

Thanks for the pointer, I visited the steam group and saw the basic config of the server, its not what I’m after re military grade stuff etc. Unless its set to not craft military stuff and they just don’t mention it?

anyone help me out on this?

im sticking pins in me eyes trying…!rust/c9qb hopefully i see you there ^^

or you can join the best one:

(User was permabanned for this post ("Signed up to repeatedly shove advertising into other people's posts" - NiandraLades))

best one with only 2 people lol

Even though my pop is very small to we are planning to keep it around for a long time. Any people who want to join are welcome. We are currently trying to get people on. The more people who want to join will def. help out the server. Pm me if you would like the server IP. Thanks

Started on 08/18/14.


EpicRust was forged to deliver an enjoyable Rust experience to players that don’t want a server full of hackers & power abusers.

With this in mind we installed a Anti-Cheat that is constantly looking for these kind of people. Being that the admin team is a group of friends, admin abuse won’t be a problem!

//Features overview
Banks & Shops | Economy | 2x Loot | PvP | Instacraft | Bases | TP | Recycle & Destroy | No Dura/Sleepers | Starter Kit | Air Drops | Vote Rewards

When we created the server we wanted to have a easy environment for player that are looking for a stable server We wanted to improve the gather resources for a tiny bit so we made it x2 but this only counts for the resources (Wood, stones and so on). This is also the reason we have enabled instacraft & no durability.

//Banks, Shops & Economy
We think this feature expands the whole Rust experience. Being able to buy & sell items the game will be a lot more fun. With different shops & banks locations there is always one near you! For more info about this feature check out:

With this system you are able to set as much bases as you want. If you need any help with this system type /homebasehelp ingame.
Since we have this system we have disabled sleepers

//Recycle & Destroy
Did you ever build a foundation or created a item and thought, oops that wasn’t supposed to happen? For that we have the recycle & destroy system. To destroy a object type /destroy and shoot at the object (or hit it with a stone/hatchet). For help with recycling type /ryhelp ingame.

//Starter kit & Air Drops
When you join our server you will spawn with the vanilla inventory. Just type /starter and you will receive a stone hatchet, 5 bandages, 5 cooked chicken & a 9mm pistol with 30 ammo! All of that for nothing

Once there are 4 people in the game there will randomly appear air drops, be sure to get them fast and watch out for other people since these air drops and really wanted!

Want to play with friends? No problem at our server. Just type /tpr and a list of players will appear. Type the person coressponding number in chat and you will send him/her a request. After he/she accepted you will be teleported!

//Vote Rewards
Of course we will reward the people who support our server! We have installed the plugin Voter which will give you a nice reward if you have voted for our server! Just type /vote ingame and you will see our vote URL. Once you voted type /voted 1 and you will receive your vote package.