Server suggestion

So, London II is fed up for a week, always crashed, freezed, not working for a 6h+. And now its offline for a 36h+. I see that no one cares about this server at all ! Enough of this.
Can someone suggest a Facepunch server, that is not so f
ed up ? Maybe there are some semi-stable servers ? Because when London is dowm, i see that other servers (not all) works fine.

Community servers

^^^ This

Find a low ping community server with active admins and the type of population you’re looking for rather than dealing with horrible official servers. The quality of your Rust gameplay experience will increase tremendously.

Some won’t, because they insist that all privately run servers are littered with abusive 12-year olds that spawn in 100’s of C4, ban people for killing them, etc. It’s not true, but you won’t change their minds.

Sarcasm ?

come to my server, i’m nearly 30 yo and only check that everything is allright an the server (no abuse and so on) (located in germany). it’s a vanilla server with high uptime and fast updates.

see you soon :slight_smile:

No. It’s a solution to your problem. Why would you think it was sarcasm?

And this admins even let their friends to play with cheats and other shit.

But devs think that hats will solve this problems. It’s alpha and they are making hats. I think they are not even going to solve lags, cheats and etc. It seems like they want to get some money and ruin project again.