Server Suggestions


So after being on London IV for a while now and spending the majority of the past week staring at the load in screen and being logged off every 2mins me and my mates are looking for a new server. Not too sure really what to look at. We are after a decent server with active admins, no or little hackers - just an old fashioned survival and raiding server which is not always full. Not too fussed on the modded 5x etc that’s just cheating lol. We are in the UK any suggestions would be great or what to look for too.


Server advertising is not really allowed here, but you can click my steam icon and search for the name of my main steamgroup if you want.

If i read the rules right you can advertise if its thread specific. anyways.

Rustopia EU/UK is generally the best in youre region. but the best means good population which means the server is sometimes pretty full. After a wipe getting on is like a heaven thing. There are none hackers. As soon as they get spotted them and theire team gets banned, also vac banned people are not allowed.

If i get banned for this post im ok with as long as its not permanent. Postal be gentle