Server Tags?

I’m sure this is a stupid question, but how would I go about adding tags to servers?


See, that’s exactly the answer I DIDN’T want. I know about sv_tags. But what do I do with it.

So you want to know the use of that command?

sv_tags Skapocalypse, GManager, BigHeadedMonster, [tag here], [tag here]

So sv_tags is a command that I can run in lua? From everything that I saw, they took sv_tags and put it into a table, then inserted their tag into said table. O.o If sv_tags is a lua command, I appologize for the dumb. D=

Addons can add their own tags, but you can add your own easily by putting “sv_tags omgwtfbbqcoolserver, awesome server, so nice, etc, stupid useless tag” in your server.cfg, without the “”.

sv_tags is a console command. If you want to set a tag when your gamemode starts, use

[lua]function GM:Initialize()

local tags = GetConVarString("sv_tags") or " "

if string.find(tags,"YourTagHere") == nil then
	RunConsoleCommand("sv_tags", tags..",YourTagHere") 


Well, seeing how this is the LUA SECTION, I was hoping you guys weren’t so dense, and automatically knew I was talking about doing this via lua.

Check my above post. Also, Sorry for the misunderstandings.

All good, :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for that code, I’ll try it out in a bit.

Works :smiley: Thank you

You can always look for your server.cfg and add the line:
sv_tags asdasd, asdsdf, lol, tag