Server takes a long time to show up on the server list

I have been having an issue with my server now showing up on the server list untill all other servers have loaded, is there any way to make listing more efficient?

i am currently hosting with OVH and have been with the a few years now but it seems no matter what i do i’m listed last after 2-3 min of waiting for the server list to load,

i have no firewalls or anything of that matter blocking traffic and it still happens,
i am hosting on linux (was on ubuntu now i’m on centos6) and im at a loss as to anything i can do,

i have added “heartbeat” to the server startup command (wasnt being listed at all for awhile) and that got it listen but it takes so long that people join other servers before mine bc mine does not show up on the list until 1 -2 min

The speed is directly dependent on your Max Pings settings in Steam and your Internet connection. The order of servers is not defined by anything and is different for every player.

it happens for all my players not just me, server has 500Mbs connection on a very large and fast network, i dont think its got to do with my personal settings

The server browser is clientside, it has nothing to do with your server.

just tried on another computer at a different location with a different steam account

still have the same issue,
could it be that the connection between it and the masterserver is slow?

I told you, there’s nothing you can do to fix it, it is nothing to do with your server, it is how Valve Master Server works.

someone can do something about it, i know i cant do anything about it but i can possibly get the ball rolling on a way around this.