Server tech wanted

We need a coder that can code npcs for darkrp please email me or respond to this thread and don’t lie about being a coder thank you
we will give server owner ship on all servers and what ever you need :slight_smile:

Nobody is going to help you.

really how do you know?

I stopped reading at DarkRP, but forced myself to read the rest of OP in search of further luls. Thankfully he used the word “respawn” instead of “respond” so my efforts were not in vain.

Sorry I type to fast some times :frowning:

So are you going to tell people what you offer in return or not?

You will get what ever you need :slight_smile:

How much is max? (there always is a max :P)

How much can we charge per hour?

we will not pay you but you will get what ever you need besides money

Then nobody will do it.



Ive got a nice big bag of pop corn to watch this thread blow up. Also your website looks shit and I dislike fully flash based websites.

Oh and whats hard about learning lua and making the npcs your self?
Also is the server home based or rented?

that story was fantastic… BRO
ur just sad u cant make one awwww ;.;

Got any sisters?

Well unlike you I can code in html and php but by the looks of the site your using a pre made site ( So sad ).

Facepunch lua section you have out done your self on this one I luled at nearly every post this is what the lua section is all about.

Answer the question below to help determine if you are a troll, mingebag, or newbie.

  1. Are you hosting your server at home or resting one?
    i) If you are hosting at home what are the specs?
    ii) If you hosting at home are you hosting on the same Pc as you play Gmod?
    iii) If you are renting what provider you renting with?
    iiii) If hosting at home and on the same Pc as gmod are you hosting a dedicated or non dedicated?

  2. Do you have experience with server hosting?

  3. Do you have experience with website making?

  4. How long have you being with Gmod?

  5. Have you tryed learning Lua? ( Its now hard as long as you have a IQ more than 1 )

  6. What addons do you have on your server ( don’t list them all ) and how many?

  7. Do you know what svn is?

  8. How old are you?

Your spelling mistakes are bloody horrible mate. Also, nice template site.

I seriously don’t get it. People make these kind of threads and get laughed at by the rest of the section.
Still, these threads come in a constant stream, I mean wtf? Does every kid have the same idea
in their head (make me an DarkRP edit, it’s gonna be awezum) or do they get the idea from all the other
identical threads, blindly ignoring the fact that ever single one of them ended up in catastrophy and shame
for the OP?
I just don’t know the world anymore:geno: