Server Technician

Hi guys,

So, i’m looking for someone I can trust to help me run my server as a Server Technician. You will most likely receive some sort of pay during the course of the servers growth meaning as soon as we start reaching a good players limit then we will start to pay. Anyway, you need to know about Garry’s Mod Deathrun and be fluent in all addons and such. To contact me, add me on skype at zango121 or add me on steam at JackC2000


Either make it definite or start becoming self-sufficient.

Yeah, well… maybe we can work out some kind of deal. Right now, i’m having bugs and errors with my server which I need a Technician for. They will be rewarded.

Well, feel free to post any errors and such you have in Developer Discussion, since people will most likely reply and help you with that. Although if you’re looking for a full time dev, I doubt anyone’ll do it for free

I don’t want someone to code me anything. Right now, all my maps are bugged and i’m having trouble with adding stuff to the pointshop.

You probably shouldn’t be running a server… just pushing that out there.

Well, yeah, that’s what I meant

Head over to Developer Discussion, explain your issue and give us some information to go off and I’m sure we’ll be able to help you out