Server time wrong

How do I set the server time on my server? ulx thetime is far off.

If your server is not dedicated you have no control over the os’ time settings. Realtime and curtime both return server up time. os.time returns the system time in epoch format. So you need to change the server time. os.time is a shared function though, so I am not sure whether or not !time calls os.time on the server or client, or even if that makes a difference.

Yeah, your server derives time from the operating system what’s hosting it is using.

To expand on this: ‘ulx thetime’ will always show the time of the timezone that the server is being hosted in, not the time of the player using the command. I can write you a quickie command that will do the same as ulx thetime but it will show each players local time instead of the servers time if you’d like.

nty, its not that big of a deal

Alrighty. The offer stands if you ever change your mind.