Server timed out hook?

Did a quick google search and could not find anything,

What is the hook called when a server times out for any amount of time?
Is there a serverside one or just clientside?

Just need a way to detect when the server loses connection for any amount of time (Serverside)

When your server times out from what?

Or do you mean detect serverside when a player isn’t responding for X amount of time?

Yeah, so say when someone spams a load of crap then it times out, detecting that.

Even a player not responding would work i guess.

I don’t quite understand the purpose of that but you could make a ping system that send a net message to the client and check if it responds. (There doesn’t seem to be any hook or functions that does that)

The way we detected time-outs was on the client because client Lua still runs when the server isn’t…

Basically send a ping to the server every x seconds. The server should be set to reply… If the client doesn’t get a response then “crash / lag”… Add fail-safes so if one ping is missed it isn’t a big deal… If x are missed then… Also if it regains connection after problem then…

But that’s only client-side detection.

If you want something on the server to detect it… You could use On Entity Created hooks to see if spamming is occurring, etc…