Server tools - Steam group authorization

This addon:

  • Needs gmsv_gatekeeper.dll to run. Get it from this thread
  • Filters clients by checking if they’re in a specific group.
  • Will still allow players to join if you set a password to something other than ‘’ and the player joining has it right.
  • Will let people in the group in, even if they don’t get the password (if one is assigned) right.

cvar settings:

  • sv_groupallow <string group id name> Put “” for no group specification

This thread’s secondary goal:
If you want to see this addon update more often, suggest other useful player filter methods or other useful Listen/Dedicated server tools that make sense. I’m open to suggestions, the reason I released this was because it was nice to block n00bs from joining my listen server when I’m developing a gamemode.
I really like using this addon for my listen server, instead of setting a password every time, I can have friends I trust (ones in my group) join and test stuff I’m working on with me.

Download the addon from here in zip format:

Oh yeah, and credits:

  • Lau : Lua
  • Sadistic Slayer (Slayer3032) : Testing and other stuff

Nice One !

I like it, very handy.

Why did Greasemonkey delete the last thread?

Very nice. :wink:

It was put in a wrong section, he didn’t think it belonged in Addons

I didn’t like where it was, PM’d him. He’s a helpful mod.

Rated agree.

If you wish to not take my counting to chance, and modify the addon yourself, you can use azuisleet’s edit which provides a new function to gatekeeper, GetUserByAddress

His post is here containing his link to his edit of gmsv_gatekeeper.

Happy server hosting, I’ll be using the mainstream dll for a bit so as to avoid public scrutiny by unfortunate FP’ers.

This is excellent :smiley: