Server tutorial?

Hey guys, I’ve been looking around but can’t seem to find much on tutorials or something similar for new server owners? I get the gist of it using HFB servers. Installing mods seems simple enough but I’m not sure how to enter in some codes and can’t figure out why some won’t work? Also have some questions about wiping.

If there’s a forum for all this please direct me to it. Thanks

Tried to answer you on the other forum, but what do you need to know specifically

We’ll I installed rust++ but for example when I go to spawn 556 ammo it doesn’t appear. Doesn’t give an error. Just does nothing. Am I missing something?

Also. When an update comes out for the game, do I HAVE to wipe? Or can I save my world and players files then update and put them back in?

Using HFBservers, the “web console” does nothing. When it first comes up it says RCON password so I enter my password then “command” comes up. Enter a command and it does nothing? Ex. Airdrop.drop

Even if when RCON password is up and I enter “dhsgcdsagv” it still comes up command afterwards???

I don’t know 100% about rust++, but you should be able to back up for game files with the HFB console option before you steam upgrade.

With the ammo, you might be typing it wrong. Here’s the link to the list of items:

to spawn that ammo you need to type

inv.give “556 Ammo” “#” - with the number sign value equal to have many you want - the quotation marks are crucial

With Rust++ it is /i “556 Ammo” 100

Oh ok, ya I wasn’t using quotation marks. Thank you very much. I’ll test this tonight.

Ok, perfect, i can spawn mostly everything now. this is awesome. Just trying to learn the ropes here.

Next question, Ive installed DropParty Mod, what do the I/T stand for in the config files? what weight makes stuff very rare? im guessing 1?

How do i make things uncraftable?

I means it’s an item. T refers to another table.

Lower the weight…less chance of an item spawning.

As far as making things uncraftable…welll its a little weird. You can remove the blueprints but someone can still use a research kit. You remove research kits…you cant learn anything. Once magma is done I’m sure a crafting plugin will come around real quick.

If you want to remove the ability to make explosives you can just remove “Explosives” from the tables. Then if you wish you can remove charges from dropping as well.

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Oh and Bullwinkle, I recommend using Rusty for quick server admining. Less typing involved. IT keeps getting better and better.

Ok thanks for the help, where can i find Rusty?

The only thing thats broken when running rust++ is rustys chat console. I believe it doesnt play nice with rust++ /history feature.

ok thanks for your help!