Server ULX Rank Targeting and SlayNR

Hello, I’ve posted here about multiple queries I’ve had with my server and luckily due to the fact the Facepunch community is so efficient the majority of them have been resolved. However, my final two queries are: 1. How to make it so that Admins can target (use commands against) anyone below them, and Mods can target anyone below them, and trusted players can only target the lowest rank (user/guest). I’ve been trying to make a system of ranking, so superadmins can use commands on anyone and admins can target anyone below them, etc… etc. I’ve attempted to do this with the ULX CMD “groupcantarget” but it doesn’t seem to work too well- you can either make it so a group can target everyone or nobody. My second and last query is how to access the slayNR command. For instance, the commands “slaynr” and “setkarma” USED to come with ULX but no longer seem to, so I downloaded this additional ULX commands workshop file containing the two but cannot seem to find anyway to get it working ( Please help, thank you.