Server: Unresponsive

Dear Community Members

In recent months I have had trouble whilst trying to play rust. I am able to join a server but I am unable to interacts with anything once I wake up. I take out my torch but there is no fire, I hit a tree but there is no wood. I can run around and I see other players but they do not notice me. Soon after roughly 40 seconds I will be kicked with the error message Disconnected Unresponsive.

I have been facing this issue for over 2 months now hoping a patch would fix it. I have done some digging and found other people facing this problem but am currently unaware of a fix.

I have tried playing rust on both the standard and direct X9 in both windowed and non windowed. I have tried two computers both with windows 7. I am not sure what their specs are but I use both of them to play TF2, CSGO and rust classic and they smoothly run with minimal lag and good performance.

My ping is below 100 but I am Perth based so the closest servers are hosted 4 hours away in either Singapore or Sydney.

If any of you know of any fixes, had similar issues or know of a way to bring this to the Facepunch teams attention please help.

Did you try reinstalling rust?

Yeah on both computers, also tried backing it up. Did the most recent reinstall today. My ping is under 100 on the servers that I tried as well.

I thought I would link some other threads that are also dealing with the same issue. I don’t think this is a hardware problem.


I have the same problem since January

When connecting via VPN it works. IP tracerts dont show any problems on ISP side (that’s what they say as well)
One of my friends has the same ISP and no problems, but when he tries to play from my house he has exactly the same problem.