Server update today at 12

Did the server update that hit today around 12 fix the saving problem? Would like to know before restarting to apply it.

Kind of. You’re gonna lose some buildings, but then the next save will work. Sadface.

Thanks. Yea, I know i’ll loose them before updating. :frowning:

Okay, I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!! Not only did my Server (Toronto Development) wipe last Wednesday, which was a day earlier than everyone said, and then was offline for 3 or 4 days, NOW, after setting up a new place and doing all the gathering of resources, etc., the server unexpectedly WIPES AGAIN TODAY, and when ti comes back online all my stuff IS GONE, along with 90% of the base that I just spent a whole day working on! THIS IS FUCKED UP, AND I WILL NOT PLAY RUST ANYMORE and further, I will tell everyone I can not to waste their hard earned money on it. THIS IS NOT HOW TO TREAT CUSTOMERS, FACEPUNCH. I hope many more players get fed up with this crap and stop playing as well.

Learn to read the terms of service.
The description of the game.
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It’s an alpha game, if you wanted a stable game you should have waited for the full release. It’s to be expected.


Lol I love idiots!

Okay Mike, let’s talk. You came here to complain, meaning you know there’s a forum. There’s a forum, so things are probably discussed here, correct? Among these things are wipes. Several people come here every month to ask when the next forced wipe is. And every time, the answer is “First update of every month”. Now, you’ll know. xoxo

You mean at the next save we will have our buildings back?? Or then next save will not wipe?

Guess n°2

Please guyz repport here results.

I just did update but with 70 players, can’t do a restart quickly.

Just lost 97/100 players on my server, now only 30 joined back. Can’t risk more restarts/wipes.

Please report guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of subject but… : I found all our problems !

Garry is ON WINDOWS 10 !!!

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Did a restart, saves works.

Thanks garry ! (the RUSTinPEACE community thank you all :slight_smile: )