Server Uses +voicerecord Command Illegaly (Not sure what category this falls under)

So a few days ago I was playing on the WoGs TTT server when one of the mods forced my mic on through the +voicerecord command that was used by an addon on the server to allow it to be used in the server console to force clientside voice chat. It resulted in me getting a temp ban from the server in question and when I confronted a super admin about the issue of the method used his response was immature for someone of his position. The link to his response along with several staff members of the server is as follows, and I was wondering what could be done about such a toxic community.

Nothing. You got banned from a server, deal with it. The worst you can do is complain about forcing +voicerecord being illegal and making a drama thread on facepunch.

Nobody here is going to be able to do anything, nor can I say at least for myself, care. It’s scummy, but just move on from it.

What, is garry going to call their moms and tell on them or something?

It’s their server, the only rules they have to play by are their host’s (and Steam’s) TOS. Neither Steam nor their host use Facepunch as a customer support desk.

What is the ip

You haven’t lost much. From a quick look at their rules I can say they’re just another shitty TTT community with extreme rule lawyering.

What the fuck? It’s TTT, not law school. Just shoot the suspicious fuckers.

It would be nice to see the command blocked, but there do appear to be legitimate uses so there’s really nothing we can do.

You seem to expect a professional response from a low tier community in a game, They aren’t running a business

Found the server

I do not condone this behavior in any way.

That being said, you are my hero.

Bad scriptfodder addons with net messages service announcement, not bad behavior!

Find a new server, that’s all that can be said really.

Thread closed.