Server Var to Protect default buildings

So, i came across alot of guys/kids, etc. Complaining about the walls and how they are used to trap, cut the access (didn’t test this out yet by myself)

I was thinking about a CVar to enable/disable the protection and also one to add custom or default messages when entering or leaving a Rad Town.

CVAR: = true/false (or 1 / 0) //— (Enable or disable the protection of the Radioactive Towns, making rad towns protected against building inside)
RadTown.entering = “Message Here” //— (Display a message when entering a Radioactive Town)
RadTown.leaving = “Message Here” //— (Display a message when leaving a Radioactive Town)

Seeya, hope you guys comment and tell me what you guys think.

awesome idea, might be able to use inside bases too to stop ceiling traps

It’s all about waiting and watching what they will implement on that type of things.

This would kill off the trolls in which are a necessity to the internet.