Server Warning

Do not join

The reason you may ask?

As my friend joined this server, his name changed to “Fuck Life” and had messaged all his friends saying “fuck you, it’s your fault”
When joining this server your name automatically changes to “Fuck Life” and a message is sent to all your steam friends telling them “fuck you, it’s your fault”
If you want to join this server be my guest but… I wouldn’t!

The steam works at it’s best. By far the most funnies module out there. << should be shut down

takes the piss joined the server and it spammed every single 1 of my contacts saying fuck you man, it’s your fault… servers like this should be taken down aint fair on people at all.

Yeah I changed all the passwords to be sure… Is there a danger of the server owner getting my password?

and to add, does someone know what files it downloaded? I saw only “lld.dll.lld” and removed it. But if there are other files too, please tell.

Happened to me too. 3 of my friends blocked me.

duno i only saw that 1 file myself


rofl nobody blocked me, shows who your friends are then ahah

do a clean reinstall

Seriously? err…

i aint doing a clean install… merely coz i aint got the bandwith to re-download all my games and i removed the only file that server gave me changed my password so everything is hunky dorie

either that or find the files you downloaded

and clear the dua folder

Oh, that explains it. I know who made this then :>

Not you. B)

Chrisaster did it, my brother was stupid enough to join his server so that he could “test” something on him.

Its funny how someone ALWAYS blames Chris when something like this happens.

It wasn’t Chrisaster, check your info next time.

Yes it was and he even admitted to it in another thread… so you should check your info.

Nah, it was. He asked me to test this 2 or 3 days ago.

sometimes people get messages they don’t understand

Turn download files from server off.

You don’t have to reinstall it, just delete any file called “lld.dll.lld” from your garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

Leave Chrisaster alone you retard. That Chris helped fix a lot stuff you wouldn’t know about. Bug reporting at it’s best. Still wondering if mp3 exploit was fixed. I’ll go post in the engine update thread later.