Server Wartime System - Time Based PvP Server Option

It has always been an issue in survival games on the balance of PvP vs PvE. Some want to cause chaos an engage in dirty tactics in destroying the others while some want to work together and try to survive in a less than hospitable environment. The problem is that while these two can be easily catered to, there is a very large MIDDLE GROUND.

In Rust, this middle ground is MUCH larger with the existence of bases and your character staying in after you log out. The problem is while many enjoy PvP and raiding, it feels a bit cheap that they are destroyed as they sleep by very persistent raiders well after prime time hours. Many wish to see PvP or damage to structures removed in server options just because of this. For such a reason, I am suggesting a specialized system to provide a BALANCE for specific servers - a time based PvP and/or Raiding option.

The Wartime System is an option to allow a server to choose to have Raiding and/or PvP to only be permitted at certain times of the day* (real world day, not Rust day)*. While most will probably keep PvP on at all times, the allowance to turn it off except for select hours may make it more enjoyable for less blood crazed people on specific servers. The preventing of 24/7 raiding will appeal to many who enjoy a good fight and WANT to be sieged but not when they cannot fight back. This allows for a more moderate approach to PvP and Raiding without removing and allowing a nice hearty fight everyday set to prime time. If you get killed in your sleep, then you and your friends just failed to log in at the wartime, not much to complain about then.

When setting up a server, Wartime System options are checkable to allow turning off Raiding until specific times every day with the additional option to turn off PvP as well. Perhaps more advanced to allow PvP to be turned on during more of the day than Raiding when limited it (PvP would be on 24/7 by default in the Wartime Option). Another is to allow different times for different days (this allows weekends to have longer raiding schedules and maybe prevent it during holidays when most base builders and defenders are offline with family).

I think if this sort of option was added then it could tone down the need for PvE only servers and allow a nice balance between building and destroying to emerge and keep each battle more heated and what not. This takes the idea of PvP and PvE only servers and adds in a nice middle balanced type of server.

If it is PvE it is not a survival game. :slight_smile:

You can just do this your self in the console, but they will probably add like plugins or mods to this game something like that, when you could probably automated this, and PvE servers are modded ones anyways so there isn’t that much of a demand for em.

There’s plenty of PvPless survival games, like Stranded II.

You making fortune cookie slogans or something?

I think it is a good idea to have some options inplace to deal with people always trying to kill you.

It’s easier to have options like this added by the devs than having to manually do it or having to mod it. It allows more novice servers to operate with less skill and have a better result. The biggest issue is I see a lot of people complaining that they don’t like having their work destroyed when they are sleeping and have no way to resist. This is a suggestion for a simple system to get put in place to allow certain servers to place “some” restriction on PvP and Raiding instead of all of it.

Most people take the sides of only total PvP or total PvE. It’s always stupid to think there are only 2 sides of an issue, so someone has to suggest a compromise in the middle.

I mean it’s a good idea just I don’t think it’s needed since this game is more about pvp rather then PvE since there isn’t much to PvE or to progess with PvE either.

I want a mod that makes walls indestructible. That would solve a lot of problems.