Server will not save stats.

Hello all. We are having issues with our garrys mod ttt server not saving stats admins have to make there self admins again after map change and points do not stay they reset also. If any one can please help us with this that would be great. We have spent hours on google trying to find something but can not find anything. We are just looking to have a good server and extend our community.
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This is really a bummer. I want to get it fixed so bad. Points won’t save.

This is obviously an issue with your SQLite database. Have you touched anything SQL-wise recently?

Ok so i went ahead and took a look in my files. We do have a sv.db file so we do have a database but we have not messed with it. So i have no clue what the issue would be. Maybe you can help a little more. Thanks for your time.

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Update i have updated my files from steam cmd. Going to test some things but as of right now i have no messed with any files that have to do with data base.

That fixed it! Thanks for all your help.