Server Wipe after Update?


Wanted to know if your server wiped as well when you updated the server?


Old save are not compatible with newest update, this has happen before, which might be the reason for “wipe”.

That is very cool for population^^ Thanks for the answer.

This on experimental or was there a update on main branch today that wiped? Normally wouldnt care, but my friend spent 2 hours hammering away at a base to upgrade it so it wouldn’t get raided easily.* Tried to warn him something might happen at any time, but he was OC about the entire thing. Not gonna have the heart to tell him that work he did last night is gone. :frowning:

*Hope hammer tiers come soon so single or small teams of players dont get punished with grinding so long.

Rust Experimental buddy.

I have also found since this update on mine that EAC is kicking most of my players not long after they log in. Anyone else seeing this?

I have had to raise a ticket with my GSP asking them to remove until it can be clarified as they don’t seem to let you turn this off as a command line option yourself!