Server Wipe not working.

Hey there i run off of HFB, i attempted to do a server wipe by deleting all world saves and backups, then deleted all user logs. My game keeps resorting to its current state even after restarting the server. it is not fully deleting the world im currently running? info on how to successfully wipe?

Your server needs to be offline in order to delete files. Make sure it is offline then delete the server data files.

HFB что то глючит все сделал правильно нехочет обновляться сервак все форумы перелазил
Steam_: BugslayerUtil.DLL not found
Redirecting stderr to ‘C:\Program Files\TCAdmin2\Monitor\Tools\SteamCmd\logs\stderr.txt’
[ 0%] Checking for available updates…
[----] Verifying installation…

The process has completed.

захожу в игру пишет версия не совместима сервака ихнего и игры

Stop the server and start it again. Not a restart :wink: