Server Wipe this week ?

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As you might notice, I am new to Rust and also to this forum (so please don’t shoot at me if I ask stupid questions ^^)

I just have 2 questions:

  1. Some players on the server I am on (Nodian) told me that there “might” be a server wipe/reset because of a new update this week.
    => Is that true and, if yes, when (date/time) would the server wipe/reset take place ?

  2. Is there any “Swiss” Rust server and, if not, is it planned to have a Swiss Rust server ?

Many thanks in advance for any help ;o)

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  1. 04.02 is a forced wipe, these happend every first hursday of each month. Time is unknown, usually around 22/23 CET.
  2. No idea.

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Is there anywhere where I could find infos to new force wipes ?

  1. feb
  2. mar
  3. apr
  4. may
  5. june

Rustafied does a good job of summarizing the important changes in an upcoming update including if they include a forced map and/or blueprint wipe

there is a german and a Austria one

Thanks ! :o)

Thanks ! :o)

I know, but I was looking for a “Swiss” one.
Btw I am from the french speaking part of Switzerland … so German/Austria would not be the best choices and Canada’s have a bad ping :o/

I can tell there is no good Swiss server. you could try a European one there are a lot french peeps around

btw, regarding the server wipe will it be a “full wipe” (new maps, no remaining stuff, all plans deleted, etc …) ?

I ask because on german server I was told that it is only a building wipe and that players would remember all plans, have all the stuff which is on their characters and be on the same Island map.
I don’t know if it is true … anybody could clarify this for me ?

Many thanks in advance ;o)


Only map / buildings

Does anyone know if this wipe will be a BP wipe?

Read the thread please.

Thanks !
When you say “map” you mean we will get a new Island ?
Do barricades and traps count as buildings ?

What are the best tricks to keep as much as possible ?
For example, will large boxes outside of buildings also be wiped ?

(sorry if I have a lot of stupid questions ^^)

Yes Swiss Rusty under modded Servers, some small changes like live Map an a NPC-Trader, friendly PVP-Server

deutsch/franz/engl, wipe and new map tomorrow,

Grüsse aus der Schweiz

Thank you, my master for this page. Maybe it will be end of spam with topics: “when wipe??”

I admin a server and have been wiping my server every Thursday when a patch comes out. Based on what you’re saying it suggests I don’t have to wipe. However, when the patch comes out, players clients update automatically in Steam and then they can’t connect. So I have a question…

How does one manage to only wipe once per month when ‘forced’? I felt forced each Thursday.

Any help much appreciated.

EDIT: Are you saying there are map wipes weekly and full wipes monthly?

Anybody has an idea regarding my remaining questions ?
(Sorry to insist, but I am curious :stuck_out_tongue: )

Its a map wipe which means that everything goes, the only thing that you keep is the blueprints that you have learned (some servers may wipe blueprints as well but that is not being forced by Facepunch this time)

The whole map terrain will be shuffled and ALL items/buildings will be gone. It’ll be a completely fresh start. You will however still have all of your previously researched blueprints.