Server wipe ??

will there be server wipe soon ?? 'cuz i really hope so…
im crashing alot 'cuz of those HUGE houses that has been made by those dupes…

I think they’re trying to fix the dupe bug before they do another wipe.

i feel you man im lagging alot also

im not laggin at all. but yeah there gonna fix the dupeing bug before they wipe the servers or else it’d be pointless

I just hope they don’t take away the blueprints you have learned.

Its PRE alpha, you are not on rust to play and have fun, you are a ‘tester’ so there is no need for a wipe.

It’s PRE alpha, where they will wipe the servers all the time due to various fixes, glitches and problems that are being addressed.

Do u even read before u write some thing ??

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just do Meth


there is a need for a wipe, last time they wiped because of the “foundation” valley with out fixing the dupe, but now there trying to fix that. But yes the game is in pre alpha and like they said everything will change