Server Wipes: Do you like them? Or do you hate them?

As the title suggests, how do you feel about server wipes?

I personally enjoy server wipes, as long as they aren’t TOO often. When a server is wiped it starts everyone out fresh, I feel this can help new players starting out, along with adding more fun as you work your way up along side your enemies. When I take a break from rust, I often find I want to start over when I hear a server has wiped, a fresh start is always enjoyable to me.

Ideally I would like a server that resets on a set schedule, like every 1-3 months, on the same day every time, so players could plan around it and all start together from scratch. I think a set wipe schedule could also help to reduce butthurt because players would know it’s coming.

How do YOU feel about server wipes? Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I love them. The feeling that you’re ,and everyone,are starting over again. The fresh kill on a guy that farmed all those resources etc.

They are necessary to prevent the game from getting boring

For me, it depends on how often a wipe occurs. I would like to see a server grow/mature so that villages with rival clans would have time to develop. At the moment, having a wipe once a week is too frequent I think. Ultimately it should be up to the server admin to decide whether to reset.

I despise them.

Server wipes are the single worst part about rust. It encourages people to play the first week of a fresh server and as soon as something remotely bad happens to them they leave the server until it gets wiped again. If the goal of rust is a persistent world where your reputation can make or break you, server wipes need to go.

If server wipes were to be taken away, they would have to make it much harder to break into bases. Wipes in the current state are 100% required. Otherwise, you just end up with all of these abandoned bases that nobody is going to take the time to clean up because they don’t offer any resources, and nobody will move back in because the raiders most likely have copies of all the keys to that base.

On top of that you also have new players making a base and then giving up on it because it wont work how they had planned. Who is supposed to clean these bases up? Wipes are. :smiley:

Maybe we could enable recycling on decaying bases so people would get more ressources by recycling abandonned bases than they would seeking the ressources, that way we would make decaying bases a rare and in demand ressource in a way : no more ghost laggy towns.

Wipes are a remainder of a generation of games with no saving on them. Fresh restarting this game is kind of fun because is a mmo (otherwise we will all hate wipes). But, in Rust, servers are changing all the time through players actions so wiping is erasing the accumulated gameplay of a community, that is why I dont like wipes.

Wipes may give a better chance to newman’s progress but it also destroy all progression eventually. Rust should evolve to leave wipes behind at some point, I believe (by making the gameplay interesting months after the start).

i still think a good way to deal with this is to have blueprints in book form, not learnt. that way players who are off server long enough basically wipe (because their blueprints get stolen, their house and stuff raided), and can start from scratch, while active players can fight for them/defend their ownership of their stuff.

add decay, and balanced build/destroy costs and the servers will be constantly changing, negating the need for a total wipe. besides, i personally like the history generated by old semi demolished buildings. they become waypoints, and places you can bunk overnight. i have taken numerous abandoned lvl 6 bases, especially when doors are easy enough to claim/replace when they have already been raided.

That would be great on a modded server with a mmo aspect. Imagine you had your character atributes and you could learn,create,use blueprints based on your atributes. Atributes could be gained based on exploring,mining,farming,crafting,studying etc.

About wipes : You forgot to mention if ur talking about legacy or Experimental. ( Should we still call it experimental? ( :zoid: )

If you are talking about legacy… well then they are needed. It’s not really much about liking or not since they are a must after a while for every server out there. You have hackers ruining your server, you have the colider problem, you have the fps lag problem and so many more issues that makes the wipe pretty much needed.

If you are talking about experimental well i dont like them and i hope they wont be as needed as it is now. You dont have the colider issue anymore, you dont have a small map where all resources and loot could be monopolized.

For example in legacy : A Wipe is nice for those 14yo kids who play 10h a day in a group of 5 or more players and monopolize the rad towns but if you are either alone or with a friends that cannot play that much you are most likely going to get raped if you try to build there so you have to build far far far away and with that you have zero chance on surviving in this game.

In experimental : Such thing does not happen. Ther’s farm everywher and everywhere is a danger and a safe place on the same time. the world is huge and you can build anywhere. The thing that will change everything is on how they we are going to get blueprints and crates.

I dont like the idea of static places to loot crates with crafted weapons. i enjoy quite a LOT the idea of learning every peace of a gun blueprnts based on exploring or playing in general and crafting the weapon at some point later than just getting a shotgun on box and start mass building one.

Sometimes they are needed to refresh a server and its player base. But this should be the only reason a server wipe is done.

For the moment it’s retarded when there’s tons of players playing and building up tons of shit. Therefor -> a server HAS to wipe its ass off because of the lag/frame drop.

Actually, with a working decay system, those abandoned bases would clean themselves up. It’s completely understandable that server wipes are still a part of the game; there’s still a bunch of game features that aren’t added in yet. But once everything is working as intended, there really won’t be a logical reason to still want server wipes. That being said however, there will likely always be a niche group of server owners that will cater towards the people who like fresh starts.