Server wipes

Is it true that even as we move into beta testing & beyond, that there will Always b server wipes? & loose EVERYTHING we worked so hard 2 build If so WHY?WHY?WHY? it doesnt make any sense, there is other ways 2 do game updates

You didn’t work hard for anything. You played a game for about a week to achieve whatever you had. The wipes are necessary sometimes due to the scope of the changes. For example, in this most recent patch researching has been nerfed a bit, so it makes sense to wipe all the servers so we can get a feel for how long it takes to get everything researched with the nerf.

To be fair, if you don’t like wipes, you shouldn’t buy a game in alpha or beta!

It’s easy to rebuild. It’s easy to start from nothing. There’s not enough content in the game to play more than a couple weeks and be bored.

There will be updates that break existing builds that require wipes. There will be updates, like today’s, that give a significant advantage to players who have already started, so a wipe evens the playing field.

Find a server that has a different wipe policy. The official servers will likely wipe more often to test balance changes. Some community servers will only wipe if a recent dev change breaks the save files or fixes a bug that people were heavily abusing. There are servers with policies somewhere in between.

Did you not read the disclamier on steam upon purchasing the game?

Yes i did read the disclaimer, im ok with the wipes in alpha, & even in beta, but as a part of the game going forward after that? it just doesn’t make any sense as i stated above there r other way 2 to do game updates.

look at this way if someone has all the BP’s researched they dont need the research kits anymore and since it was easier for them with an unlimited research kit versus and one time use now all the new comers have a disadvantage which requires alot of farming to get more kits to research items so if u wipe a server its not a leveled playing field

Who said that Rust can expect to see constant wipes after it’s out of beta? Updates should hopefully not break servers/maps and require everything to be restarted once the game is actually, you know, mostly finished, so this should be far less frequent down the road.

And, besides, if it’s a private server, the server owner will wipe the server as often as they want. If they want to wipe it every week, they can. Don’t play there if you don’t like it.