server wipes

why do servers have to be wiped all the time ? kinda annoying :slight_smile:

Ahem… wait for it…


yeah but sure a update can be done without resetting everything.

but awell

If it updates a model, which would cause things that were once placed to be placed differently or bug out after the model is updated then sure, a wipe would be required.

You want it this way. It’s a pain in the butt and can take all sort of time to try and retroactive systems so they work with old assets. So we either go through wipes or they waste development time trying to get new content to work with old systems. I am surprised they actually don’t wipe more. More backwards compatibility = slower development and by looking at the boards and realizing everybody who plays Rust wants to tell facepunch how to develope the game, I don’t think they want them to go any slower.


Awell, hopefully they do bigger updates then. instead of lots of small ones. saves reseting all the time

Wipes help level the playing field regardless of if there is an update or not. Servers become stagnant when a large group of players won’t let fresh spawns even build a house. It happens all the time, and a wipe is the only way to get new people to join again.