Server without guns?

Could you do official server without guns? Only with some basical stuff and “white wepons” like swords, bows, hatchets etc.
There is no fun with shooting to everyone with guns, there is no portion of skills. Game would be better if there would be only simple items.
If not maybe you could do some server or areas on server where people can’t use guns? Like arena on last Community Update - Wrestling film.
There is no way to play when groups of people have guns in hour after wipe, it’s not funny. I don’t have that much time to play and I can’t take satisfaction of playing, because you have to be no-life to build and secure your home.

I agree. Guns are breaking game…

There is medieval servers.

Which ones?

like the idea sword and shield fights lol the guns are a pain in the …

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like the idea sword and shield fights lol the guns are a pain in the …

Dark Ages is the server you are looking for.

He was saying make it an official server. Because it’s nice to be able to earn skins in game as well.

There are far too many high tech guns and they are too easy to get hold of. Players just bypass Melee weapons and low text weaponry like the ecko pistol. High tech weaponry needs to be rare and uncraftable. I personayl always battle with a bow.

wait, wait - do I only get skins when i play on offical servers?

I could be wrong that it’s OFFICIAL only but I know skins drop. But if someone could clear that up that’d be great.

There are also some primitive battle royale servers… lots of fun :smiley: (just filter the search for primitive and you’ll find some, incl officials)

I did drop skins on Community Recently id say this theory is Busted

I find soloing it is hard to find a bolty/AK blueprint. Yes I find broken ones but then need the hq to fix it immediately

What are skin drops based on?

Would I just get them randomly or is it something like the more time I have in game the more skins I unlock?