Server Woes (and DarkRP)

I have recently converted my spacebuild server to a DarkRP Server and I have a few questions which have me stumped.

  1. Can I define the spawn location of players? I run evocity V2d. I want players to spawn in evo tower, not at industrial.

  2. Kick a player based on their coordinates. True-RP has a great bit of code running which kicks players when they get too close to the cave which crashes the server. I have a prop block, but players can still find a way through. How can I make the server kick people automatically based on where they are?

  3. When my server gives a memory error, it waits for me to click okay before terminating, I have a batch file acting as a watch dog for the server, so how can I make it skip the dialog and just restart?

More info: I run SRCDS in a console window.

Any help will be immensely appreciated!