server wont appear in server list, only in favorites!


I have made a Garry’s Mod SRCDS Ubuntu 12.04 server and it wont appear in the server list. It does however let me connect directly and it appears in Favorites.

I have tried messing around with sv_region but no luck. Thanks!

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Also, when I try to exit/_restart, I get a segmentation fault?


Any help is accepted!

Try searching it in the legacy browser. I had the same problem and it was because it was hosted in another region. Even after trying sv_region it still didn’t work.

Alright, so I did some experimenting and it seems to be the actual vps because it’s happening to my CSGO server.

Do you guys have any idea what could be causing this? My theory is the port-forwarding because I can’t find the firewall setting, I sent them a ticket about 5 minutes ago and still waiting.

Pretty sure it’s just omitted from displaying for you due to the GeoIP BS.

Okay so they replied and said they don’t have a firewall service and to mess around with iptables.

I guess I gotta look into that now.


I have changed the whole OS to Win server 2012 r2 and the same thing is happening.

I’m using a vultr vps if that helps. Also if people were wondering if I was the only one who couldn’t see it, I’ve asked around to see if they could see it and they couldn’t.

I don’t know if you followed that but I am thinking it has to do something with their networking/port blocking.

It has something to do with the location of your server.

E.g. if you live in germany, and you have your server in the USA, then you most likley won’t see the server (or after 5 minutes of waiting…)

It doesn’t use GEOIP, it uses ping times. (I bought a German Failover IP for a france server, and tried it this way).

Do you know any equivalents to iptables on Windows Server as I just changed the OS?

(The windows firewall is off)

Garry’s Mod likes to sort global rankings for it’s gamemodes out by several different factors, including ping, players and other features. Believe me, if you can connect directly, then it should be fine unless you have sv_region set to anything other than 255 and sv_lan at 1

I had this before, even though I had a server in Amsterdam, the geoip location was New York. I just asked my host for a new IP and it was fixed.

We experienced the same GeoIP issue with foreign players on our servers. Our remedy was to open a server tailored to those players.

That server has now exceeded the activity of our US servers. :smug:

I just asked for a new australian IP as ip2location shows an american IP

That’s good news unless you already established an American player base.

There was no-one on it :v:

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Well they replied, assuming I’ve never played gmod before, but I guess they have to say things like that for good customer support, which they’re definitely good at.

Okay, maybe it was this problem for me:

If you get a new IP with a different geo location (this is always called failover ip). Then it could be that the geoip of this IP was set to a different location before. So services, like valve won’t notice the change before they don’t upgrade their GEOIP tables.

@Exploderguy: This is the problem the hoster describes.

Well good news, the problem has been dealt with and I thought it’d be good to share how it was resolved.

I did some research and on the steam forums someone mentioned that steam uses IP2Location for their GeoIP services. So later that day I contacted IP2Location asking if they could update the GeoIP for my VPS, and they said it would update on the last day of the month. Time-travel to the last day of the month and my server now appears on the server list.

Thanks guys for all the help!