Server wont download Workshop files


As simple as the title says it. For some strange reason when I put workshop files on the server using the authkey and the workshop collection ID etc. etc. etc. even following this tutorial step by step:

The console just tells me “Download failed!”

I’m starting to hint that it may be a problem in the maxfilesize limit or something, but I really cannot figure it out. My server provider is Daemonservers. Any suggestions?

Try different host? Steam Workshop might be inaccessible from your host for whatever reason.

It’s just a guess though.

I don’t believe it’s the host.

Show the commandline parameters of your server? Show full (server) console log?

Oh I realized the problem. It’s not that it refuses to work because a bug. It’s because it doesn’t work with large workshop files. Any way to make it work with large workshop files? Presumably 90MB

Anytime a workshop addon updates and the server fails to download it I upload my client copy of the .gma and rename it. Works fine until the next update when it fails again. I don’t know of any actual fix.

It’s fine, I got most to work at least.