Server wont start with specific map

When I try to run the server with rp_headattackcity_v1 the server wont start.
It gives me a segmentation fault error and then server will restart in 10 seconds.
But when I change to different map it works fine.
Is it because the map is large or a server problem ?

Try adding -debug like it says and check the log

Im adding -debug but nothing happens.

Well you will have to use -debug then wait for it to crash again. When it crashes, debug.log should be generated

Where should it be generated?


Should be in a logs folder in srcds, maybe in the game folder in there, you could do a search in Windows for debug.log too

The server runs through a game panel and I dont find logs folder.
And the server is not mine I got it from someone so I dont know how to access the “heart” of the server.

Well you have the command line right? You just need to navigate the folders from the command line. To exit a folder, use

cd ..

To enter a folder, use

cd foldername

To see what files are in your current location, use


When you’ve found the log file, there are a few ways you can view it. You probably just want to see the end of the file, so when you’re in the folder with the log, use

tail debug.log

And you will see the content

If you dont mean the server console then no.

I mean the server console

Mind if I give you access to my panel so you could see better.
If yes I will PM you with info.

He’s using a GSP, so no he doesn’t have RDP/SSH access.

@OP, does the map work locally?

What? GSP should provide you with web-version of server console.

The map works locally and also works on my little dedicated server from steamcmd to test stuff.
Only on this server it doesnt work :frowning:

If you take a look at what commands djjkxbox360 suggested you’ll see that they are not server console commands.

Uh sorry, I was confused by his “I mean server console”.

So how do I continue from here?

Anyone ?

It’s almost impossible to know what the problem is without being able to read the log file. You should contact the person you got the server off to find a way to read the log file