Server won't stop restarting.

I’m using a Linux server to run a gmod server. The problem being that when i wish to put the server down, it jsut says ‘Restarting the server in 10 seconds’ then restarts.

The command line I’m using is so that should the server crash, it will auto restart. However. When i run ‘quit’ or ‘exit’ it will close, but auto restart after 10 seconds because it tells me that using root is naughty. Ill use a lower user at some point probably.

Okay, so, this is my start line.

./srcds_run -console -game "garrysmod" +hostname "Server name" -port "27014" +maxplayers "20" +map "gm_construct" +exec "server.cfg" +host_workshop_collection "<best collection ever>" -authkey "<my auth key here but I've changed it>" -nocrashdialog

If anyone knows how to let it auto restart but make it so that quit will stop it and not detect it as a crash, it would be really helpful. Thanks.