Server: Workshop addon download problems?

Hey, I got one problem.

When an addon starts downloading, it stops after sometime and says “Download Failed!”.
Is it because the addon took too long to download? (It does that after a short amount of time…)

Any idea?

If the download fail is because of timeout I think we should disable it.

Errr… No one can help me, please?

Extract the addons with GMad extractor

Thanks for the answer
But will never it work normally? :v

It’s probably going to be fixed in the next update.

Yay. Because for now the addons that don’t download are still in my collection, and are trying to download with no use because I already have those addons legacy form.

He obviously wants to use the workshop. ‘GMad’ seems to be the answer now for every workshop problem.

Yes, because I extracted the stuff and we can’t see the models/materials of the addon.

Looks like Garry will not look at this problem. I wonder if I’m the only one to have it.

My server is able to download addons from the workshop. Make sure your key is correct.

It is. I can download, it’s just after some time, it makes the download fail.

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I tried to reinstall, every addon downloads fine but Murderthon weapon packs can’t freakin’ download.

Edit: Ok, I found a tricky way to have it.
I took the .gma in my own game folder, copied the 3 addons that can’t download and renamed them. Looks like it works.

But thread is not really closed, because it’s still bugging otherwise.