Server Workshop Content

Lets face it, no one likes joining a server with heaps on contents that has to be downloaded one by one. So would someone please be able to tell me how to get all the workshop addons that I want added into one big file for people to download, example : 4 playermodels into 1 file to make it easier to download.

Please someone tell me how to do it :smiley:


look up how to use gmad to decompile all the stuff you want, lump it into one fat ass folder then reupload

GG use a mac haha

It doesn’t really make it easier to download it just looks like your downloading less files. Even if you put the 4 player models into 1 file it still will compress to the same file size.

Server content packs are an even bigger cancer on Workshop than FNAF shit.

No. Just. No.

well then your kinda fucked aren’t you
only way to do it on mac is install wine and do it inside the emulated windows environment