Im super new here, but i thought i share a simple software that i made.

I made a gmod server and it crashed a lot as gmod server tend to do. So i made a software that restarts the server automaticly if it crashes/freezes.

**What does it do? **
It checks if the server is responding. If not, it simply restarts the server.


Download: analysis
SHA1: 70ef75f6fb57b869d1a886eea43e88398f040539
SHA256: 530b6590efa108eeca29d38a18eee905f46103b3fc22c829668804bc825f9a97
File size: 47.5 kB ( 48640 bytes )

Please report all bugs :]

Nice job, but there is already a piece of software that does the exact same thing and supports multiple servers of a multitude of games.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t write your own because that’s always a great way to learn and I prefer things written by myself as well, but you might want to consider renaming to avoid confusion as this other piece of software is called the same thing.

Oh, yeah i looked after this type of software cus my gmod server tend to crash. And i found the one you linked, but on another website without no active download links. So that’s why i created one. And ye i didn’t even think about the name being the same. Or i didn’t even see it as a name more of a description.

And btw, it workes on all WAN servers/games :downs:

I hope no one downloaded this thing, it’s not safe. Always have suspicion on a person with only 2 posts, and the same join date as a download post.

First things first is that, most people put things in .Zips, even if it is just one item. So that brought the suspicion pretty high already, because the way some viruses/maleware works is when you download, your PC could already be infected. Secondly, Firefox and Google Chrome didn’t want to finish downloading it for the obvious reasons of being infected. Thirdly, using the SAME website the person used to claim this is a good download, and nothing is wrong with it said itself it was infected. ( )

Lastly, Malewarebytes didn’t like it either.

Personally I wouldn’t trust it, just my opinion though.

Your telling me that since one antivirus came up saying it was a virus we must automatically assume its a virus?

the single, only result & probably the same reason why browsers don’t like it comes down to hueristics (That’s the HEUR at the start of the detection result), it’s a very unknown file (someone custom made it, not many people have downloaded it) and thus is treated to be suspicious by most antiviruses (i’m surprised it’s only got one detection, but that’s only a positive, plus the 360 engine is fairly false positive-y from what i’ve seen)

launching it sandboxed & watching a connection log shows it does nothing other than what it says it does, ie launches it self and only connects to the internet when you tell it too (and when it does it only trys to contact the ip you put in on the port you put in), so no, this isn’t dangerous and isn’t infected

edit: analysis from malwr also says it basically does nothing