ServerFFS - Server Updating Problems (They just won't do it for me)

Okay I’m in an akward position. I ordered a 16 slot Garrysmod server from Serverffs for one month. I can’t join it, just because it isn’t updated. I opened a ticket asking them to update it, they said to use the update function. So I went looking for it in my control panel, but I couldn’t find it. So I made a ticket saying I can’t find it and to tell me where it is. Then I make a reply to it saying that I realised that it physically wasn’t even in the control panel for me. I then figured I should do some setting up of the server while I was waiting, so I noticed it didn’t have CSS content installed, so I opened another ticket asking them to install it.

I wait 24 hours, checking back anxiously each hour. Their response to my ‘update the server please’ ticket:

Yea… So what do I do, I just don’t know what to do… How can I get into contact with them? I could call them, but I don’t know if it’s worth the call. (And I’d be calling over seas)

Demand your money back, sounds like a scam, especially if they can’t handle two tickets at once, don’t know how to host a server, or have CSS content installed.

Are you in the US or UK?

AUS, I just checked their forum where I posted a thread asking why there wasn’t an update button. Looks like they’ve removed it (My thread)


I just responded to their response with:

No I will not refraim from opening multiple tickets untill you actually listen to me and respond to me properly. If you can take the time to tell me
not to open a support ticket, you can take the time to update my server. It’s a job that will take less than a minute to do. You’re not
providing me with the promised service, so I will take you to a smalls claims court unless you have my server updated and running within the next 6

Hopefully they’ll listen to me…


Anyone got some more ideas?

Their website promises FAST, RELIABLE service. :3

Looks like they just closed my ticket… Oh well, I could still re-open it.


They just closed it again. Looks like I’ll have to make another.


I’m reinstalling the entire server now, that will update it, but this is really bad service. I don’t recommend ServerFFS to anyone for anything.

Fuck, it didn’t work.

is there any way to manually update it?

You’ll have to wait until the linux bins for the latest version comes out.

ServerFFS exclusively uses Linux.

I even asked one of the sales guys earlier and he said they can’t do anything, they just host the software and are not responsible for anything which changes with it like the servers not having an update.

Oh shit I just realised that, when should they be coming out?

What kind of GSP is that, hurr you can have a server but when garry updates you can’t have it anymore.

Wow, you don’t seem to be able to read. Garry has updated but we do not have Linux binaries, which means that we can’t host a server if we use Linux. :downs:

Why the hell are they charging for linux servers when the linux binaries for Garry’s Mod are beta?

OP: Ask for a refund. You are paying for a service, and despite the fact Garry’s update messed up the linux binaries you are not receiving that service. It is the GSP’s fault for using beta binaries in the first place. If they refuse to refund you without giving you a solid reason do a charge back.

Did they give you a control panel for the linux gmod server when it was working?

AzuiSleet said a few weeks to one month, check for news and other stuff here.

K, I just asked for a refund, I hope I get my money back. Or at the very least they switch it to tf2 for me or something.


So I put my server into ‘hibernation’ last night so I wouldn’t lose the days I’ve bought and such, it’s now failing to wake up, so I can’t get to the ‘cancel’ part on my control panel…

It might be a genuine bug or this host is VERY dodgy.


To be honest, I think I’ll keep the server and just wait untill the linux bins are out of beta etc. Which seems to be coming pretty soon.

A company shouldn’t even be TOUCHING the Linbins with clients for profit unless they agreed that they knew what they were getting into.

Sounds like a shit host. Jump ship.

I’m trying to, but it’s proving difficuilt. They told me to use their ‘cancel’ function, but I can’t use it if I don’t have 1 month of bought time or whatever. I’ll just threaten to take them to court if they don’t give me my money back.


They refuse to refund me, I guess I’ll just try to get them to change it to tf2…

Ok, they aren’t going to refund me or do anything, what do I do?

Do a charge back.

Ok, I’ll do that sometime soon.