how do i upload addons and youtube player to a GMOD server wen i upload it, it say You are not allowed to use this tool!

Are you admin on the server? Did you upload them to the proper location? Do you have permission to upload stuff to said server?

You shouldn’t have a server…

Both of you are really unhelpful! Go to your file manager and then go to orangebox/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons once you get there upload addons, they must be in folders, and use svn for best results. The youtube player addon is called Play x Player. Good luck!

Isn’t what he wanted, and the second statement is false.

The real answer is:

Make sure you’re admin on the server. Have you got an admin mod installed?

Xplayer and Youtube player are different. They aren’t the same addon.

Maybe so, but Xplayer works just as well as Youtube player and it is a general preference in my server so I decided to tell him. As for the folder thing, when I tried to upload bit by bit it told me I am not allowed to use the tool either, but yes it may be a problem with whether he is an admin or not. Also what isn’t clear about your problem is whether you own a server that is hosted by a company and you use TC admin or something like that or whether the server is owned by a single person.

He made an account just for this!

yes i’m admin and i use assmod and Exsto. i buy the server

You really shouldn’t have a server if you don’t know how to work it. but anyways…

You should only use 1 admin mod.
Also, the server should have FTP support, just get a program like FileZilla and upload the stuff to the server’s addons folder.

not always only 1 am , assmod and ulx works fab , but i dont use it because i hate both of them :stuck_out_tongue:

why do you have a server when you dont know how to upload addons?

okay how to upload playX it say the sam when i upload it