Servers are busy?

I have a MAC OS X 10.6.5

I keep getting the error that stream servers are too busy now i have re installed the game and i got it to work once but from that point on it dosn’t work. I also tried changing the download region. I am now upset that i have put the money into this and i am not getting what i have paid for. Please help

Another reason why Macs suck lol…

probably an internet issue, are your ports forwarded properly?

What do they needed to be forwarded too?

(from the other thread)

delete your clientregistry.blob in your main Steam folder.

Now it says this game is currently unavalible



Shut Up.

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Restart Steam Or check task manger if the game is running in the background.

lol zeb you mac user, pcs are for games, macs are for wasting your money, period.
Port 27015 needs to be forwarded, its usually forwarded by default though.