Servers are down, but here is what Rust is all about. What to expect.

Couple of issues… The game itself is by no means a regular MMO. And as said before, every survival game ever will have :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: killing fresh spawns to show off their epeen.

Another problem is that in Rust specifically, your body remains after logging off and it is very difficult to simply loot everything you need. You actually need to gather resources and build a bit to really get anywhere. Because of this, solo play is pretty much impossible except for those truly masochistic types. Solo play in most survival games relys on staying on themove and hidden as to not be a sitting target, which in Rust is impossiblethe moment you log out. Not to say you cant solo play. It is just extremely more difficult.

A group of players can gather and control an area with great efficiency vs 1 man trying to grab nodes that the masses gobble up quickly. And odds are, the moment one of these groups sees you taking their resources on their territory, you will be gunned down.

More suited solo survivals are ones where there is no building, and loot gathering is your best tool, keeping you able to stay on the move and stay hidden. If that is what you are looking for, Id suggest DayZ or Nether. If you enjoy solo play in PvP Rust, I suggest you see a therapist… But to each their own.

This, however, leads to one of the most rewarding aspects of Rust. The PvP.

The game pretty much forces you to form some sort of group. So once you do so and build adecent base and territory of your own, the team fights begin, and they can be epic. The most fun I have personally had in the game was defending against a raid or fighting tooth and nail for an airdrop. Your heart is pounding as you and your buddys try and take up tactical positions and you are looking back and forth like a maniac with the thought that 1 bad position could get you killed and your grind would begin again.

This is the core of most survival games, and one that is incredibly fun on Rust itself because of the fact that youhave tough group battles where youare dropping cover, trying to figure out who the friendlys are, looking in 5 directions at once, all while trying to get that precious loot. It gets your adrenaline going like no twitch FPR shooter will ever do and keeps youon your toes.

Now dont get me wrong. The building aspect of the game, though incomplete, is highly addictive as well. Knowing your body remains in world will keep you gathering for hours to try and make your house the fortress you always wanted it to be. And learning how to build better and better Forts is a blast.

But in my opinion, cutting PvP will quickly make the game extremely boring once you have a 20 story fort, giant stashes of equipment, and nothing to use it on. Right now, I have a 5 story building with multiple safe rooms and starter kits scattered thoughout. Fighting to keep my territory mine is a daily battle and fighting for the best of resources is one of the most heartpounding experiances of my gaming life.

It is not an MMORPG. It is a survival shooter, so I wouldnt expect classes or advanced blocking and rolling mechanics. However, there are always tactics to learn. We run around with barricades, and when a fight starts, we drop them and build our own cover. Great PvP aspects and tactics exist and thrive.

My advice: find friends to join you or find a group you can join. Learn the in’s and out’s of the game. Then once you guys have some guns, (9mm Pistols at least) try and get into the PvP scene. You wont be dissapointed.

Thanx Garry and Devs for making a great game! Here’s to hoping wannabe hackers get what they deserve.