Server's Down?

Is it my connection or did about 4/5 of the Servers go down. I have only about 227 showing up when I refresh the server list.

yup, middle of a huuge firefight when the server went down, hope im not gonna spawn naked :suicide:

anyone knows for how long they will be down ?

Probably for a few hours might be a little more

This should sum it up

Not just you, few of my friends had the same problem. Now the server that i use regularly is not on my list and when i use the IP i cannot connect. Looking for an answer myself.

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Same problem here. We were all disconnected and now we can only see ~270 servers on the list and our server isn’t showing up and we can’t manually connect to it.

I have the SAME exact problem I’m not sure how this is happening but its driving me insane!!!

Yep finally the Ulink issue seems to be fixed and then after enough time for us to all get our feet wet again the majority of severs go off line. Be nice to get an explanation. Anyone have any ideas?

I could be wrong, but it looks like they’re targeting the hosting companies now… I can barely get to/around the HFB web utility to monitor/control my server. :confused:
Not sure if this is coincidence or not, but it seems too much perfect timing.

Oh, and there’s a loading screen on HFB’s main page now. DDoS protection… hrmm this doesn’t look good :confused:

dayz/nether/contagion players ddosing rust. :zoid:

maybe related?

All got updated, but then nothing works!! In the login/play screen in RUST … the burning barrel is now upside/down … yay!!!

The whole game login screen is upside down now not just the barrel…

Turn your monitor back to the correct way up, that usually works.

The patch that made the servers secure again also made them increase cpu(?) usage by 250%, thats why they are all down.

Maj ?