Servers Getting Shutdown

Well I just noticed my server went down a couple a minutes ago and one of my active members posted this twitter link of this guy tweeting about the servers that he is attacking and successfully shutdown and sure enough there was mine on the list, thought I would inform you all about this… Here’s the twitter

What kind of an asshole wants to notify everyone what server he has shut down? That’s like giving out your address after doing some sort of internet crime.

LoL - Derp Trolling is back?

Or taking a selfie before robbing a place.

Who the fuck is DDoSing D3vine? That’s what I want to know.

They have a lot of major communities down, which is funny. Places like D3 and Lifepunch, even Gmod Tower. This is sure gonna get some attention

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Clearly, it’s these people, the one in the OP, obviously.

Theres always somebody attacking those guys because of all the bannings. Its probably these guys in this case.


But, these are all major communities being targeted. I doubt they have to do with bans, just with getting a big name.

The twitter just 404’d right now… Wonder what happened.

I don’t know much about DDoSing, but is garry able to do something about these dipshits?

Twitter is always down, but, TangoShutdown is no longer on Twitter. Either he got banned, or he closed his Twitter. So, he knows that we know.

he closed his twitter account because we spread his name

It’s back now, soooo. I bet he just wants some attention, which he actually got.

Well, their twitters back up and they left us a thank you tweet.

That’s what I’ve been saying on D3, he wants attention, is all!

I’ll give him a doggy treat <3

Tango Shutdown sounds stupid

Adorable! Can we keep it?

I want one!