Server's greyed out on the master list?

Hello. I have two server running of the same pc (this pc’s only job is to host servers). I have port forwarded all the necessary ports but my servers are greyed out on the master list. I also have a problem where some people try to connect but the server drops them and last night the console gave error code 6 which i Googled but that is a steam problem apparently. So what i would like to know is how to make it so my servers are not greyed out and what i can do about clients losing connection.

I will attach some screen shots so you know what i mean :

Server 1 which runs deathrun :

Server 2 which runs Flood :

and then a screenshot of the server console : On this screen shot you can also see the ports are opened correctly if you look at the bottom right.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s grayed because 0 players I believe.

I thought it was a connection problem. But still what can i do about the clients losing connection?

As far as I know there is nothing YOU can do. It has been reported so many times I think robotboy is swimming in tickets.

_Kilburn should have something to say about it when he gets back (Hopefully).

Would some one be able to join my server to test it with me. I need to check every thing is working?

If you can join the IP is or you can look under the flood category for Frost Bite Gaming.