Servers leaked

Someone have leaked server files, mine is there and I checked and the files are copies from the ones from my server. I checked with the hosting company, they said that no one else have accessed the files more than me.
But I just wanted to tell everyone that this is a thing, they can steal stuff from servers without logging in to in via FTP or CP and I want to know if anyone else had their files leaked, and if anyone knows how they do it( Some sort of hacking? Garry’s mod exploit?).

Did they leak any server side files? Such as files in lua/autorun/server?

They probably just leaked all the client side files; which can be done quite easily…

Yeah little shit heads leak client side files on leakforums from time to time. If it’s not just some darkrp hud no one can really do much with it since there’s no serverside code.

But with enough determination, someone could recreate the server-side files with a bit of intuition. Heck, I even did it with Gmod-Theatre.

If you have that knowledge you’d likely do it yourself in the first place.

But nobody likes derma, especially when someone can do it for you…