Servers Menu v2

Hello, as my lua skills grow I am able to create better and more efficient projects. This is the second version of my shitty first servers menu, which I created when I just started coding.


  • Nice open animation
  • A config at the top of file
  • Create as many server options as you would like
  • A very user friendly open method system which allows you to choose whether you would like the menu to open via the f keys or chat command (F4 by default)
  • Clean coding if you would like to edit it

Download the menu: Here

i suggest using github

this is really minor but:

you could probably make this code block smaller like using a table

something like this:

keep it up

Thanks for the suggestion, I am still learning lua so I don’t know all the efficient ways to get things done. I’ll use github on my next project.

it’s really nice though, good job :slight_smile:

Why not make it automaticly put the Gametracker image, instead of header + description?(You also can make it put a header/description below it), its what I did, a DScrollPanel, which automaticly puts the gametracker image, also, add a join button ;), I got one added, but somehow it doesnt run the concommand yet, still got to look into it.

I’ll be sure to add that into the next version, thanks for the suggestion.

Instead of making different versions, just keep updating the same one?

Looks very good! Keep it up :slight_smile: