Servers Menu

Servers Menu

I know what your thinking, why are you releasing another servers menu when you already have 2 listed? Well the answer to that is because this menu has been completely redesigned to be as customizable as I could make it and to have an appealing design to suit your fancy. Now this menu isn’t finished so this is a beta release, I still have to add the system to grab the amount of players on the server via the ip listed. But I thought I would release this just because I can.

Whats included?

  • A lot of customizable options (Located in the config)
  • Add as many servers as you would like
  • Slick clear design
  • Clean coding if you would like to edit
  • Optional blur, open animation, and more

To do

  • Add a system to grab the amount of players that are on the server through the ips given

Click meh to download