Servers missing from server list?

Hi, some servers I frequent are missing entirely from my history and the server list. I’ve tried restarting client, computer, and reinstalling the game as it didn’t take long. Is this a known / fixable issue?

maybe is the internet, sometimes when my internet goes from 50 Mbs to less than 5Mbs the servers just wont load.


Does this apply to Rust? I don’t usually see you in here. :v:

Steam download region is US - San Diego.
I see only 90 Official, 1887 Community, and 2597 Modded servers.

Unless things have changed recently, the server list is temporarily capped to 200 entries (in each category, I would imagine) and does not display the entire list. Servers should drop from the list if they go down, but only if they’re hard down. I don’t know why servers sometimes disappear out of the active list, but still remain listed and playable for some players and not others; for all I know it could be a bug with the master list server or something. (I’m not a Rust dev so I don’t have access to that kind of info.)

Ohshit. But if Rust relies on the Steam server browser/pinger, then yeah it applies.

Not sure if there’s rules against bumping but I still have this issue :frowning: