Servers not appearing

Recently my gmod for no foreseeable reason has omitted the servers that are available. I have not recently installed any mods, i have tried completely deleting and reinstalling gmod, and even steam, I have also verified the cache( nothing being wrong according to that report) and defragging my game data anyway. What could be wrong, and are there any solutions to this problem?

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Oh and my gmod, and steam are both unblocked by my firewall, and I can see my favs and my history, and join my friends just fine, and the steam browser works just fine.

I used to have this problem too. A couple of things I tried:
Clicking refresh and wait alot.
Checking the other tabs (Friends tab, favourites etc)
Check the filter. Try to type in other maps too.

I am currently having the same issue. I have not been able to resolve the issue.

The things I do know

  1. Garry’s Mod is allowed through my Firewall settings.
  2. I have a fast enough internet connection.
  3. Garry’s Mod is up to date.